12 Wedding Expenses You Might Forget

So you have started the planning process, and things are going great.  You might even be using Glass Slipper’s Wedding Planning Checklist… but here are some common exspense we find couples often overlook.


#1. Postage for not only invitations, but for your reply cards so guests can RSVP.

#2. Outfits for pre-wedding events.


#3. Undergarments for the wedding day… strapless bra, garter, and spanks lol!

#4. Beauty treatments for wedding day and pre-wedding celebrations.


#5. Hair & makeup trials- many hair and makeup artists now charge for trials for clients who haven’t yet booked with them… something to look into and consider.

#6. Wedding stationary, menu cards, place cards, seating charts, favours…(not just invites).


#7. Alterations for wedding gown and potentially the bridal party.

#8. Feeding your vendors- as a vendor, we do find this area gets overlooked and some couples may forget vendors are there from all hours of the day and night working hard to make their special day the best it can be.


#9. Tips, gratuity, and service charges- view our helpful cheat sheet here.

#10. Marriage certificate- click here for more information from the BC Government Site.


#11. Hotel room for the night before and wedding night.

#12. Gifts for parents and the bridal party.

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