Glass Slipper Wedding Planning Checklist

So, you just got engaged and so many things are rushing through your mind.  What venue would we use? What will be for dinner?  How many guests will we invite?!  Well not to fret, Glass Slipper is here to help you out.



Below is a snippet of our checklist and the first four things we suggest you do.  About a year prior to your date, the first thing on your mind should be to announce your engagement!  And it will be important to pick a date.




About 8-12 months prior, our first three things on this list suggest to start finalizing your guest list, research and meet with your photographer, and start looking into what caterer you want to use.




So, it is now crunch time.  Your wedding is about five months away.  This checklist is the biggest of them all.  Here, you will make all of your final touches for your perfect day.  A few important things from that checklist below are in a snippet below.




We hope these little tips can help you plan your amazing day, for the full Glass Slipper Wedding Planning Checklist, click the link below to download the PDF.  Time to get prepared!

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