2017 Glass Slipper Wedding Show Exhibitor Feature: Joconde Patisserie

The oh so delicious Joconde Patisserie will be at the Glass Slipper Wedding Show October 15th.  Come indulge with us and enjoy their sweets.  In the meantime, learn more about Joconde Patisserie down below…


Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you from visiting your website?

Our founder and pastry chef, Behnaz, has received training from some of the best pastry chefs in Vancouver and best cake decorators in the world from Asia to New York and San Francisco. Every cake and every delicate sugar flower made at Joconde Patisserie is a combination of years of practice and training.

Pastry assistants have also all been trained and attended pastry schools and are held to a very high standard.


What inspired you to start your business?

After working for years in some of the most reputable restaurants and catering companies in Vancouver, I decided to follow my passion, combining my dessert and pastry background with decorating cakes and making sugar flowers.

I love being involved with the creation of something sweet and elegant from the beginning when clients contact us for consultation, to the end when the cakes are delivered.


What products/services do you offer?

– Cake tasting and consultation

-Cake design

-Sweet tables and custom desserts

-Delivery and set up

-Stand and sweet table decor rental

-Cake cutting service

-Corporate dessert catering


Being a custom cake and dessert catering business though, we cater to different events and offer services that may be unique to each party.


What other vendors do you absolutely love to work with?

We love to work with wedding planners and have been honored to know and work with some of the best in the industry in Vancouver such as Glass Slipper Events. As a vendor, it gives us peace of mind when a planner is present at an event we are working because of the organization and extra attention to details they bring. Other than that, we love working with stationery designers, florists, photographers, and anyone involved in the wedding industry really.


What is your most popular product/service?

Wedding cakes are the most popular items we provide. Decorated cookies and sweet tables are the second most popular items.


Where can people find your products/services?

We are located in Vancouver but cater and deliver to all of Lower Mainland. Services can be offered to other areas in BC on a case by case basis.


Any additional information brides should know about your product/services?

At Joconde Patisserie we have a very professional but friendly and intimate approach. From the consultation to delivery and follow up after the event, we will go out of our way to make sure you like and enjoy your wedding cake and sweet table.


What differentiates you from other people that provide the same service as you?

The relationship we build with our clients. We are a boutique dessert catering and pride ourselves in taking the time to know each and every couple that comes to us and we will make sure to spend time to attend to our couple’s thoughts and concerns in any way we can.



What is your favorite part about your job?

The initial meeting with the clients is the best part where we discuss their ideas and design desires. Of course, the execution of that design and decorating the cake is also a very enjoyable process. We put a lot of love in our work and are sure it comes through in the final product. Delivery and set up at the wedding is also a favorite part when we get to see the cake and/or sweet table along with all the decor at the venue.


The best part though has to be the lovely emails, messages, and thank you cards that clients send after the event which make the whole process a very enjoyable journey.


Name a favorite moment from a wedding you have been a part of.

Making sweet treats for weddings is just that, Sweet. But we love seeing professional photos of our cakes and couples cutting the cake. The expression on the couples’ faces after they taste the first bite of their cake at their wedding is priceless.


In this industry, there isn’t much downtime.  When you are off, what do you like to do?

This may be true for all wedding industry vendors; spending time reading books and magazines or online looking at inspiration (flowers, bridal gowns…).

Other than work related pastimes though, I love spending time with my husband, whether it is sitting at home watching TV or going out to movies, play Tennis, or traveling which we both love. I also have a handful of very close friends with whom I enjoy spending time a lot.


What are some tips you could offer brides when looking for vendors of your specific type of service/product?

It is always good to have an idea of the design and style that you prefer. Even something as simple as a color theme. But at the same time being open to ideas and suggestions is always helpful.

We love making each cake unique to each couple. Personalizing can be as simple as adding their initial to their cake, or going farther to include designs from the gown, something from their favorite hobbies to be included in the design of their cake.

During the tasting and consultation, we offer a lot of ideas and suggestions to our couples, so the most important tip would be to come with an appetite for cake as well as ideas.

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