2017 Glass Slipper Wedding Show Exhibitor: Sister Spirits Beverage Service

Sister Spirits Beverage will be at the Glass Slipper Wedding Show this October.  Learn more about their services down below and make sure to visit their booth at the Glass Slipper Wedding Show!


Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you from visiting your website. 

I started Sister Spirits after years of working in and managing restaurants.


What inspired you to start your business?

We had a corporate client Lordco ask my sister and I to take on their Christmas Events.  After their current service wasn’t going to continue in the business (we had worked as staff for their current beverage service) now after 15 years we are still doing their parties!  After our first season we were hooked and decided to evolve into the wedding business as well and make it a full time gig!


What products/services do you offer?

We offer bar services for all types of events.

We offer all staffing needs for food & beverage should you be entertaining in your home and DIY ing it!  (Servers, bartenders, hosts, bussers, food & beverage coordination) Great for engagement parties and rehearsal dinners!)

We offer assistance with event setup and take down should you be DIY ing it again!

What other vendors do you absolutely love to work with?

  • Catering Visions
  • Simply Savoury Catering
  • Ritz Catering
  • Glass Slipper Event Planning
  • Valley Weddings
  • Little White Chapel


What is your most popular product/service?

Our main focus in the bar!  We do that the most!


Where can people find your products/services?

We have general info online and are happy to customize a quote based on your needs and requirements!


Any additional information brides should know about your product/services?

We love what we do that’s why we are still doing it after 15 years!


What differentiates you from other people that provide the same service as you?

I think it is a huge responsibility legally to serve alcohol to guests at events.  All my staff have been with me for years and have years of restaurant and management experience as well!  I think you get what you pay for!  I also like to be at every wedding!   So we try to only take one booking per day so that I can be at every event! If we happen to have a multiple event day I know that the staff I have chosen to be part of my team is just as experienced and capable as myself!


What is your favourite part about your job?

I think my favourite thing is when we do weddings we always somehow know some of the guests from past weddings cause we did their wedding or their sister/cousin/friend’s wedding ect.  Our whole business is based on word of mouth and referral!


Name a favourite moment from a wedding you have been a part of.  I absolutely love hearing and watching the parents talk about welcoming their new daughter in law or son in law into their family!  Love acceptance!


In this industry, there isn’t much downtime.  When you are off, what do you like to do?

Love the outdoors!  Camping/hiking/running/boating/paddle boarding with my kiddies!  Love to cook and bake healthy food!


What are some tips you could offer brides when looking for vendors of your specific type of service/product?

Hire a service that will bring all the bar supplies (unlimited) you need (alcohol yourself) I always say it’s like a caterer showing up with all the food.  You want your bar service to bring everything for you so you don’t want to have to tell guests you are out of ice/coke/limes ect….You never really know what you’re going to go thru this way you’re not guessing or over or under purchasing.



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