4 Ways To Incorporate Something Blue

Ever wondered how to incorporate Something Blue into your wedding day?  Well look no further.

Here are 4 Ways To Incorporate Something Blue:

  1. Your garter – while garters can seem traditional or a bit old fashioned, many clients still wear one to incorporate their “something blue”

2. Something blue on the bottom of your shoes – we are fans of red bottoms like most women, however, you can incorporate your something blue but having blue on your shoes or even wearing a blue pair of shoes. We love this idea of having bridesmaids sign the bottoms.

3. Something Blue sewn into your dress – whether it’s a stitched wedding date, your groom’s initials or something special to you.

4. Your wedding jewellery – you can wear a bracelet, earrings or necklace that incorporated something blue. We’ve recently seen a few brides with blue sapphire engagement rings. Now, thats a wow factor!




Keep it hidden or show it off, you can have something blue at your wedding and make it unique to you.

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