5 Tips for Navigating Wedding Shows

It is now January 2018!  What is going on, time has gone by so fast?!  Peak wedding season is approaching us all.  And now is the time wedding shows and expos will be popping up all over.  Here are the best tips you will need to know to survive the craziness of a wedding show.


Tip #1: Get prepared…

What are you looking for?  A photographer, a florist, a DJ?  Maybe you simply need ideas for your invitations or colour scheme.

It will be best to make a list of your objectives so you can use your time at the wedding show to your advantage.  So, get a notepad out or a notebook ready to bring along with you to keep all your questions answers in one place.

Research the vendors at the show prior to going and map out which ones you would like to see the most.

Tip #2: Dress your best, but wear your comfy best…

You know that you will be on your feet for some time, so do not make the mistake of wearing those cute high heels, or uncomfortable sandals.  Opt for those comfy Nike’s or your favourite Converse.  Wear a nice pair of loose fitting jeans or leggings, whatever you feel is best.  You do not want to be walking around for hours in an itchy sweater or tight pair of pants.

Tip #3: Choose the show that best suits you…

If you feel you would get overwhelmed easily at a wedding show with hundreds of vendors, then try to look a little more local for something smaller and less intimidating.  Work your way up to go to the bigger shows if that is what meets your needs for your wedding.

As a planner, I would suggest going to about 2-3 shows.

MUST READ: Once you are engaged, and maybe you do not have a date set, it can be nice to go to get a little inspiration and to just look around.  It can be scary at first, but once you have your date set and your venue, then it is a good idea to go to another show to search for the vendors you need.  Pro-tip: once you have your vendors, I would suggest you stop going to wedding shows.  You do not want to keep getting new ideas unless you have to.

Tip #4:  Yes, the ballots are worth it…

There will be so many contests to enter and to save you from the hand cramps, pre-make some labels that you can just stick on.  Include your name, phone number, e-mail and wedding date.  The reason it is beneficial to enter these contests and incentives is because you could really win!  Although, if you do not win, sometimes vendors provide a discount for all brides who have entered and if it is a vendor you do want to use, that can be a really big help on your budget.  And if they end up sending you spam all the time, then say adios and block the sender form your e-mail.

Tip #5: Assemble a team…

If your groom wants to go, do not turn him down.  But if he has no interest in going to a wedding show then this creates a great opportunity for you to have a fun girl’s day.  Bring your mom, your bridal party, your sisters or best friends.  If you want to keep it small, think of bringing your Maid of Honour, your mother and even your fiancé’s mom to include her in some of the planning.

You do not want to go alone.  It is easier to navigate all of the vendors with a team of support.  So, think of who would like to come and invite them along!


Now that you have a little more insight, here is some more.  Listed below are a couple of our favourite upcoming weddings shows in the lower mainland.

January. 28th, 2018- All Dressed in White Bridal Show

March. 4th, 2018- Wedding Show at the Plaza

Psssst… Glass Slipper will be at the Plaza March. 4th, 2018.  Come find us!

April. 8th, 2018- Fraser Valley Wedding Festival


Stay tuned for Glass Slipper’s 3rd Annual Wedding Show this Fall!  View our 2017 exhibitors on our site here, and keep checking for new updates!