6 Wedding Trends to Obsess Over in 2018

2018 looks to be an aesthetically pleasing year for wedding décor.  These 6 trends will have you drooling over copper tones, geometric shapes, blue hues, marble, oversized floral arrangements and rose gold.


Trend #1- Copper

If you are as into Moscow mules as I am, then I know how much you love the look of the copper mug.  I think this classic cocktail has inspired many to incorporate copper into their wedding this season.  Just look at how gorgeous it is next to these luxurious greens.  Very elegant and earthy.


Trend #2- Geometric Shapes

Intricate shapes and unique designs are all the rage for a modernized wedding this 2018 season.  From cake toppers, to centre pieces to sculptures, there are so many ways to add a little edge to your décor.  Take a look…

Trend #3- Blue Hues

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!  Add a subtle hint of blue to your décor on your wedding day.  It looks so beautiful with lush greens, and earthy tones.  Get some inspiration down below.

Photo by: Sara Rogers Photography

Trend #4- Marble

Ahhh yes.  Marble.  It is so pleasing to the eye and such a staple look.  If you want to add some modern elegance to your designs, then go with this trending metamorphic rock.  Marble brings such a minimalistic, clean, yet edgy look with its grey and white tones, soft sheen and irresistible style.  It started with marble wedding cakes and soon, we will see this trend blow up in the coming year.

Trend #5- Oversized Floral Arrangements

I feel as if floral bouquets used to be neat, tidy and all bunched up…  well that is a thing of the past!  Now, bouquets are becoming a little extra, and we do not mind.  In 2018, we will be seeing more and more gorgeous, oversized bouquets with not only beauty, but a big POP of style.

Trend #6- Rose Gold

Finally, our last trend we think you will go crazy for.  Rose gold.  It is surely a classic and we have seen it before in the past, but this trend isn’t going anywhere in 2018.  Take a look below for some rose gold inpso…



Wow… these trends make for some stunning wedding décor.  You can go with the marble and copper or even marble and rose gold together.  The geometric shapes can be used no matter what your colour scheme.  Get creative and think about your vision and what best suits you.


Photo Source: Pinterest

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