Clipsake: Capturing your wedding day, your way

I recently found out about a company called Clipsake founded by newlyweds after they were disappointed they didn’t capture their wedding day on video. Many couples only add video where budget allows for it and video can really create a lasting memory of your special day. This is such a unique idea to include video on your wedding day in a very cost effective way and gives you a TON of flexibility to personalize things. I don’t want to give away too much in my intro so found out more about Clipsake below.


What’s your business name and tell us a bit about yourself?

Our business is called Clipsake & the name was inspired by a late night brainstorming session with friends. We plied them with refreshments and told them our business concept. Dozens of creative names were generated but we thought ‘Clipsake’ perfectly described what we do; take video clips & turn them into keepsakes.

I am a happily married newly wed (1 ½ years in) and soon to be Mom to a baby boy. I have a passion for visual arts & great deals. I love re-imagining and re-inventing the life of ordinary objects (I’ve had some DIY wins & some epic DIY fails).

While travelling is my favourite type of adventure , I also see each day as an opportunity to try mini adventures; talk to someone new, try a new recipe, attend an event way outside my comfort zone. I wrote about that here in fact.

What products/services do you offer?

We offer two main types of service:

1). We provide our clients anywhere in BC with easy to use, professional quality HD & 4K video cameras to record their day their way. This can be anything from weddings to community festivals, surprise parties to family reunions.

2). We provide editing services to create video keepsakes (or clipsakes 😉 of  existing footage (often just sitting on your hard drive or in the cloud). This service makes a great Christmas or anniversary gift. We compile videos from baby’s first year or of a couple’s relationship from when they met for a unique video ‘save the date’.  

We offer these services pick and mix style so that our clients can create the package that is ideal for them.

What inspired you to start your business?

The idea for the business came about after my husband Simon & I  planned two weddings in 2015 (with lots of help from friends and family). Rigidly sticking to a budget (unlike ¾ of couples in Canada who blow their wedding budget 😉 we had run out of money for a videographer by the time we were planning our second ceremony. REGRET, REGRET, REGRET!  

Having the experience of two weddings, we could see straight away the value we got out of our wedding video from our Vancouver ceremony. We totally regret not having video of our UK celebration.

Having beautiful visual memories of your wedding should be accessible to way more people. After doing some research, we found a way to make this happen & Clipsake was born!


What is one thing that sets your business apart from other similar businesses/services?

To be honest, we are a unique business in Canada. We are an affordable, accessible alternative to traditional videography. We combine part DIY (people film their event through their eyes) & part professional (great quality video cameras + professional editing) to create beautiful video keepsakes.

We also think the fact that we state everything outright on our website is unique. We found out when planning our weddings that prices were hard to get without lengthy form filling or consultations. We just state everything out front. What you see is what you get. Having said that, we are always happy to receive phone calls & chat!

What is your most popular product/service?

We’ve been in business less than a year, but people seem most excited by our wedding package ($846)  which provides two cameras for two days for couples to capture the day before chaos, the late night shenanigans, morning of jitters & all the fun, tears & dreams of the wedding itself. Our editors weave that footage together with ethically sourced music in the genres of your choice & voila! A customized, shareable video keepsake.

Where can people find your products/services?

We are an ecommerce business so people can find our products & services listed on our website. We ship our products ANYWHERE in BC for the same price and provide service anywhere in Canada. For that reason, whether you live in Quesnel or Invermere, Vancouver or Langley, we can help!

We also spend a lot of time on social media talking about unique, creative &  money saving tips for weddings, events, parties, travel & fun in BC.

Any additional information brides should know about your product/services?

It’s important to note that you need no prior video camera experience to operate our video cameras. Turn on the camera, look through the viewfinder & press record! The cameras are light & super easy to use.  They have stabilization & light optimization technology that your Iphone just doesn’t have. What your friends  film is up to you. Need ideas? We have #filmityourself tips on our Pinterest page here.


What are some tips you could offer brides when looking for vendors of your specific type of service/product?

When looking for options to record your wedding day, videographers are one option.  We are another completely different one.

When comparing videographers, make sure you look at the package specifications carefully.

* Location – do they charge per location?  Will they go where you want to go?

* Time spent with you on the day

* The ‘what if’ clauses. What if  they are sick? Who will be their back-up?

* Be sure to meet the videographers in person as they will be with you for some of the most private & intimate moments of your life – so make sure you gel with them!  

If you are looking at Clipsake to incorporate some DIY aspects of videography into your wedding, we encourage you to think of two people who could act as your #filmityourself crew. Much like you would ask someone to help you collect your gifts at the end of the night or hand the cheque to the caterer, you should choose two people to be in charge of helping you capture your beautiful day on film.

No matter which route you take, learn from our mistake & don’t forget to capture your beautiful day on film.

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