Corena & Rob’s Wedding at Terminal City Club

Corena & Rob’s September wedding was one I won’t forget. It was a beautiful day at the Terminal City Club with an amazing couple full of love and Rob’s two gorgeous daughters! Being a step mom myself, it was an emotional day to see these two join Rob’s daughters and become a family.  I feel so lucky to have been a small part of making their first day as a family special.

Corena&Rob-146 Corena&Rob-127


When I first met Corena, I really liked her calm and relaxed demeanour which lasted throughout the whole process. She works for EComm, the 911 dispatch, so our first meeting we chatted a lot about that and I told her my husband was a firefighter in Vancouver so we hit it off quite well sharing stories. I’m sure her calm nature helps at work in those stressful situations. When I met her and Rob together one afternoon at the florist, it was clear they were a great match and were really excited to start their lives together.







The ceremony took place on the stunning Terminal City Club rooftop patio overlooking downtown Vancouver and the reception was inside in the President’s ballroom.  Some highlights of the wedding day for me were their first look on the grand staircase, Corena’s four sisters giving their speech and sharing hilarious stories (and watching Rob laugh at them) and Corena and Rob’s first dance with the girls to Katy Perry, California Girls. It was a pretty fun and memorable day!



Here’s a beautiful video which captures the whole day by Koyo Photography. 

Corena and Robert from KOYO on Vimeo.


Congratulations Corena & Rob! xo

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