December Date Night Ideas

Brrr! Like the song says, “Baby it’s cold outside”, here are some fun date night ideas for the winter that will all you and your sweetie a chance to snuggle up and stay warm!







1) Visit the outdoor skating rink in Robson Square!

Take your loved one out for a magical night that is practically free. This adorable skating rink is free for admission and the only thing they charge for is the rental fee of skates but if you own your own they encourage you to bring them and then the evening is completely free! It’s quite large but can become extremely busy fairly quickly, however it’s absolutely worth it. Also just a minute walk from the new Nordstrom where you can window show or hint at some gift ideas to your partner. There’s Robson street full of tons of stores to complete your Christmas shopping together and the most adorable, unique restaurants in the area. Feeling like something sweet after your adventure? Be sure to check out Nero Waffle Bar or Capstone Tea and Fondue. They will not disappoint!


2) Be enchanted at Van Dusen’s Festival of Lights.

Have you ever wanted to be apart of a fairytale? Well walking through the millions of lights at Van Dusen Gardens is exactly what that feels like. As soon as you walk through the doors to the outdoor garden Truffles is right there ready to create the most delicious hot chocolate you have ever drank topped with fluffy marshmallows. There are tons of different paths that will lead you all around the gardens and an amazing light show that goes off roughly every hour over the pond in the center. If you are looking to post a new photo with your partner trust me this is the place you want to do it because you won’t see another backdrop like this even by adding a filter! Lol.


3) Canyon Lights at the suspension bridge..

When tourists come and visit Vancouver there is always one place that is usually on the top of their list of activities to do, and that is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. My first time doing this Christmas activity was last year and I was honestly blown away. On terms of a budget it is a bit more expensive especially if you want to take the whole family as tickets per adult start at $25.00 I believe. With this being said, it’s absolutely worth it and a night to remember. The entire bridge is light up and when the treetops around you are filled with snow there’s no other feeling than the Christmas magic. Once you get across there are lights surrounding the ponds and all of the treetops are light up and you walk across miniature suspension bridges to get to each one. It’s one of the most unique light experiences you could partake in and I personally will go back every single year!


4) German Christmas Market

Do you and your partner enjoy extravagant food and malt wine? If so the German Christmas Market in Vancouver is the place for you. Leading as the #1 Christmas market in Vancouver, which driving by and seeing how long the line ups to get in can be will tell you just how wonderful this Christmas outing is to do! Vendor after vendor selling the neatest gifts such as soaps that are carved into fruits so they look completely edible and even have the actual fruit seeds in them or tequila infused homemade chocolate bars, there’s something for everyone on your list. To bring out the kid in your there is a merry-go- round and a dress up photo booth, which is too much fun not to try out. Then for your stomach. Lets just say you’re going to want to go when you’re starving that way you can taste everything from the foot long German sausages with fresh grilled onions, pure chocolate hot cocoa, kettle corned popped right there and who doesn’t love a good nutella and banana beaver tail!


5) Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain

Not much of snowboarded or never learned how to ski? I bet you’ve always wanted to ride the gondola up to the top of Grouse mountain but when you saw that it costs $49.95 just for a ride up and then back down you thought forget it. Well, here is your chance! Grouse Mountain offers a Christmas experience unlike any other you will partake in. For $39.95 I believe it is, you get a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, which with how much snow they’ve been receiving, is already magical enough. Once you get to the top there is a giant outdoor skating rink, real reindeer that you can go and feed carrots to, Christmas music being played everywhere, Santa waiting for you to go and take your picture with him and who can forget the sleigh ride, meanwhile white fluffy snow surrounds you and your favorite person. Does it get more romantic than that?




Be sure to check out at least one of these Christmas activities this December if not, all! I recommend each and every one; they will not disappoint your expectations!

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