Save the Last Dance for Me

“Save the last dance for me”…While in the case of your wedding, it is likely the first dance.


Getting married this summer? You are probably busy preparing for your wedding day and planning all the décor details, meeting with vendors and creating your seating chart but one you might not have thought about is your first dance. Couples want every detail of their special day to go off without a hitch so why not consider dance lessons? Whether you are wanting to impress your guests with a routine or just avoid some awkward moves out on the dance floor, dance lessons are a great idea to get couples comfortable and confident busting a move together on their wedding day.


We recently met Alex Bleim at a wedding show downtown. Alex is the owner of Alex Bleim Dance. She is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Vancouver, BC. Alex is passionate about teaching. She has 8+ years experience teaching students aged 2.5yrs – 55yrs+ of all abilities and styles! Starting out as a favour for a cousin, Alex has now choreographed for 100+ couples for their wedding day. It’s one of her favourite and most rewarding jobs.


Below we have put together some frequently asked questions when considering dance lessons before your big day.


How far in advance should we start our lessons?

1 – 3 months in recommended to allow for practice time between lessons. Some couples prefer to start earlier and some realize last minute they need an emergency lesson. No matter your situation, Alex will do her best to make you comfortable and confident.


How many lessons will we need?

This question is asked often and is tricky to answer. The short answer is everyone learns are different speeds and there is no way of knowing until you’ve had your first lesson. As a rule of thumb, if you just want to learn some basic steps, 2 lessons in recommended. If you want a proper routine, most couples take 4 lessons. If you want a show stopper medley, 6 lessons is comfortable. There are always exceptions to these rules.


Where are the lessons?

Alex is based in Vancouver, Canada. Her business is mobile! Please see location options here.


We have no dance experience. Will we manage?

Yes! Many couples self proclaim to be terrible dancers with no rhythm or experience but are flying across the dance floor in a matter of lessons.


What song should we use?

Many couples worry about which song to chose and if it will be alright to dance to. Alex always suggests you pick a song that is meaningful to you. If you have a specific dance style in mind, Alex can give a few suggestions as well.


What should we wear during the lesson?

What every you feel most comfortable in. It is recommended that you wear the shoes you will be wearing on the big day, or heels of a similar height, so you feel confident in them. Don’t worry about the dress. We will discuss how restrictive it is during the lesson and Alex will keep this in mind during choreography.


Why choose Alex over another company?

Alex is a professional dancer and choreographer with over 5+ years of teaching experience. Warm, funny and personable, Alex will make you feel relaxed and engaged throughout the lessons. Because Alex is freelance, she can meet you anywhere for you lessons! At home, at work or at a studio, this flexibility helps with scheduling and makes for a smooth choreographic process. Lastly, Alex is a great listener and will figure out the exact style/feel you want to achieve. You’re first dance should be 100% yours and Alex works together with you to create the perfect routine.



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