Thankful – Looking back at Nicole & Colin’s Thanksgiving wedding

Looking back on these gorgeous photos captured by The Nickersons from Nicole & Colin’s wedding last year, I can’t help but feel thankful for the amazing clients we are able to meet through this business. These two are no exception!

Nicole & Colin were married last October 9th on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a very untraditional wedding in many ways as they wanted to stay authentic to who they are but they also held on to some beautiful cultural traditions and still had a very traditional wedding ceremony at the Burnaby Rowing Pavilion. The reception though, wow boy, now that was a PAR-TAY!

Ironically Thanksgiving is a tradition passed down by generations before us but this post is actually a tribute to breaking tradition, going with what feels right and real to you and I am SO completely all for that!

The first tradition broken was the bride arriving not in a limo but her dad’s vintage pick up. (and I must say, THIS is better!)

The second traditional broken however becoming much more common now, the bride & groom met on the dock at Burnaby Lake for an intimate first look… also in this photo but a great tip of the hat to thanksgiving, the groom’s very untraditional BURGANDY suit! And yes, it was fabulous!


Then we sprinkled in some traditional Chinese & Korean wedding customs… like this Korean wedding ceremony. The groom has to carry his mom, his mother-in law and then his new wife to show how he will respect and support her. This was followed by a Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Again going with tradition, the bride was walked down the aisle by her dad. It was such a beautiful moment and not many dry eyes.


The reception was completely untraditional, they picked Steel Toad Brewery in Olympic Village, which was a gorgeous spot but at the time, had never hosted a wedding. This made for some interesting logistics, but we love a challenge and the team at Steel Toad was fantastic to work with!


Guests arrived to the reception and were able to sign the bride & grooms “guest book” which was an engraved Louisville slugger.

Nicole & Colin wanted a simple and industrial feel. As Steel Toad is a brewery/restaurant, we had to bring many of the items chairs and linens to make the space work for a wedding of 200+ guests. I love this photo with the tanks in the background. We added candles everywhere to create an intimate mood in this large space.


After the traditional speeches and toasts, first dance etc. guests hit the dance floor and we had one surprise still up our sleeve. During the always amazing “Shout”, we had Nicole’s cousins coordinate a confetti pop and surprise all the guests! It was pretty awesome!


They partied until the wee hours of the morning (way past my Mon-Fri bedtime) and I partied with them, sneaking in the occasional move to some Biggie or Snoop Dogg!

The moral of this story is, untraditional means creating your own story. It is being authentic to you and not letting other people’s views of what a wedding should “look” like change what you do. After all, it’s your big day and it only happens once! Make it one to remember!


Happy Anniversary Nicole & Colin! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! xo




Venues: Ceremony: Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion

Reception: Steel Toad Brewing

Photographers: The Nickersons

Linens & Rentals: A&B Party

DJ: Sounds Seeks DJ

Flowers: Burnaby Lake Greenhouse

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